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We are currently aiming for up to twenty Solution Exchange countries, with each having one or more Communities organized under the MDGs.

If you see your country listed below, and if your area is related to the Community set up, click on the link. If your country or Community is not listed, get in touch with someone you know who works for the UN in your country to see about setting one up, or contact us at coordinator at

SE India India -
AIDS; Decentralization; Disaster Management; Education; Food & Nutrition Security; Gender; Microfinance; Maternal & Child Health; Water; Work & Employment; Climate Change
SE India
Municipal Governance and Development Community; Sustainable Resource Management Community; Afghanistan Gender Community
Bhutan -
Solution Exchange Bhutan (the Development Community)
Pacific Islands -
Development Effectiveness Community (closed); Climate Change & Development Community
Bangladesh -
Urban Poverty Reduction Community; Climate & Disaster Risk Reduction Community

Energy efficiency and conservation; Problems of large dams; Municipal;

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