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Afghanistan Systainable Resource Management Community

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Welcome to Solution Exchange for the Sustainable Resource Management Community

The Sustainable Resource Management Community brings together professionals concerned with the effective management of Afghanistan's natural resources for economic, social and environmental benefits, in support of the goals of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

It is a United Nations knowledge facilitation service that significantly contributes to capacity enhancement for sustainable resource management in Afghanistan, by extending and expanding access to a wide range of pragmatic solutions.

The Community is your forum for networking with practitioners and acknowledged experts to learn, share and collaborate, increasing the effectiveness of your individual and collective efforts. It is an easy and quick way to tap into local and external empirical evidence and knowledge, in order to build knowledge for more effective policy and program design and implementation in the areas related to sustainable resource management.

Your knowledge and willingness to contribute to the Community's dialogue on Sustainable Resource Management for Afghanistan are the only qualifications for signing up.

How it works

Solution Exchange Afghanistan uses a mail-group that is moderated by a Facilitation Team based in the UNDP Country Office, Kabul. The Sustainable Resource Management Community, like all other Solution Exchange Communities around the world, is about collaboration with your peers using two methods:

Virtual services. Everyone in the community is a member of a mail group moderated by the Facilitation Team. When you face a challenge you e-mail a query to the community. Over the next 1-3 weeks members respond with experience, contacts, advice or other suggestions to help you out. Once the query closes the Facilitation Team synthesizes the responses, experiences and the resources recommended into a Consolidated Reply, and circulates it to Community members.

Face-to-face. Community members meet in annual forums and regional events to interact, learn from each other and make new connections. Members also collaborate on assignments, tapping into each other's knowledge, expertise and different perspectives.

Issues Covered

The Community addresses the issues and concerns relating to the responsible utilization and protection of Afghanistan's land, forest, water, energy, mineral and biodiversity resources

  • Sustainable land use and land management of mountain ecosystems, semi-arid ecosystems, forests, rangelands, degraded lands (crops; pistachio forests); soil conservation; land ownership
  • Forest and wood resources - forest management; reforestation; afforestation
  • Water management and water governance for irrigation, drinking water and sanitation, livelihoods, industry, environmental flow; water quality; groundwater resources; trans-boundary rivers; integrated watershed management
  • Renewable energy - hydropower including micro-hydro; solar and other sources; rural energy supply
  • Sustainable agriculture - including crops and cropping patterns; production technologies including for hilly areas; community based orchards; horticulture; agro-forestry
  • Extractive industries, particularly the impact of mining on local populations and the environment, environmentally sustainable and pro-poor mining
  • Economic opportunities and job creation from natural resource management and utilization - post-harvest processing and value chains; SMEs; Public-Private Partnerships; eco-tourism
  • Biodiversity - protection of endangered wildlife and at-risk ecosystems; protected area management and national parks; environmental education, awareness raising and mainstreaming
  • Climate change - mitigation and adaptation; including the global environmental conventions

Who should join?

Members of this Community are professionals concerned with sustainable natural resource management, agriculture, harvesting, marketing and national and regional economic interests, including:

  • Experts and other officials of relevant government entities, ministries and agencies
  • Staff of international donor/development agencies, foundation and NGOs
  • National and international researchers, academics, policy specialists and consultants
  • Civil society leaders, activists and members of the media interested in creating awareness and influencing public opinion on natural resources and environmental issues
  • National and international private sector professionals and investors in agriculture, forestry, energy, manufacturing and extractive industries and eco-tourism in Afghanistan

Leaders of this Community

The Community is guided by a "Resource Group" comprised of representatives of the key actors in fields related to sustainable resource management:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Energy and Water, Mines, National Environment Protection Agency and other relevant ministries and agencies
  • UN Agencies, multi- and bilateral donors addressing sustainable resource management
  • Apex NGOs and Civil Society Organizations influencing public opinion
  • Eminent persons in fields relating to sustainable resource management including Islamic scholars
  • Private sector and media.

Convening Agency

Solution Exchange Afghanistan's Sustainable Resource Management Community is convened by the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP. The members of the Facilitation Team are:

Noorullah Malang, Facilitator
noorullah.malang at
Office: 0093 (0)202 124126
Mobile: 0093 (0)700 201 126

How to Join

To join the Sustainable Resource Management Community, sign up here or for more information contact the Facilitation Team at facilitator-srm-af at


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