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مجمع حکومتداری و انکشاف شهری

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Afghanistan Municipal Governance and Development Community

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Welcome to Solution Exchange for the Municipal Governance and Development Community

The Municipal Governance and Development Community in Afghanistan brings together the professionals managing Afghanistan's municipalities, as well as those working to enhance their capacity to provide effective, efficient and responsive municipal services to their citizens, in support of the Sub-National Governance Policy and the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

It is a United Nations knowledge facilitation service that significantly contributes to the capacity development process for improved governance and development in cities of Afghanistan.

Membership in this Community builds your network with municipal experts, facilitates your access to their wide range of experiences across Afghanistan and outside and enhances your knowledge of how municipal governance and development moves/should move in the country.

Your knowledge is the only qualification for membership, and you are welcome to join the Community to contribute to the discussions on municipal issues.

How it works

The Municipal Governance and Development Community, l
ike all Solution Exchange Communities, is about collaboration with your peers - virtual and face-to-face:

Virtual services.  Everyone in a Community is a member of a mail group moderated by a Facilitation Team, a senior domain specialist and a research associate located in a UN Agency.  When you face a challenge you e-mail a query to the Community. Over the next 1-3 weeks members respond with experience, contacts, advice or other suggestions to help you out. Once the query closes the Facilitation Team synthesizes the responses, experiences and the resources recommended into a Consolidated Reply, and circulates it to Community members. 

Face-to-face.  Community members meet in annual forums and regional events to interact, learn from each other and make new connections. Members also collaborate on assignments, tapping into each others' knowledge, expertise and different perspectives.  

Issues Covered

The Community addresses ways for municipal administrations to increase revenue, be cost-effective, improve service delivery, and build well-designed municipalities:
  • Public finances - budgeting; revenue generation and collection; fiscal transfers,
  • Planning - settlement planning and zoning; land tenure; urban environment and green space; development planning and programming; agency coordination; participatory planning
  • Service delivery - cost-effectiveness; alternative service delivery approaches; vulnerable groups
  • Municipal management - capacity development; corruption, accountability & transparency; citizen engagement; monitoring & evaluation; communication & advocacy
  • Participation - community-based initiatives; women & youth; private sector engagement

Who should join?

Members of this Community include government officials, civil society actors, political authorities and other professionals concerned with municipal governance and development issues for Afghanistan:
  • Mayors and their staff
  • Officials of IDLG especially Directorate of Municipal Affairs and Directorate of Policy, Ministry of Urban Development Affairs, National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), Water and Power Ministry, Ministry of Finance, and other relevant ministries and agencies
  • Officials of the Chamber of Commerce, private sector stakeholders and members of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations engaged in municipal governance issues; local and national political authorities
  • Experts and practitioners of international donor agencies and foundations supporting municipal governance and development initiatives
  • National and international academics and staff of research and policy institutes and companies addressing urban governance and development issues
  • Legal practitioners, urban planners and other national and international specialists knowledgeable about urban governance and development issues in Afghanistan and elsewhere
  • Members of Provincial Reconstruction Teams

Leaders of this Community

The community is guided by a "Resource Group" comprised of representatives of the key actors engaged in municipal governance and development in Afghanistan:
  • Mayors
  • General Directorate of Municipal Affairs (GDMA), Directorate of Policy-IDLG; other relevant government ministries and agencies
  • UN Agencies, multi- and bilateral donors supporting municipal governance and development
  • NGOs and Civil Society Organizations promoting transparent, accountable and participatory governance at municipal level
  • Acknowledged experts in various fields relating to municipal governance and development

Convening Agency

The Afghanistan Solution Exchange Municipal Governance and Development Community is convened by the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP.  The members of the Facilitation Team are:

Mohammad Alam Sieyal, Community Facilitator
mohammad.alam.sieyal at
Office: 0093 (0)202 124098
Mobile: 0093 (0) 793 400 645

How to Join

To join the Municipal Governance and Development Community, sign up here,
or for more information contact the Facilitation Team at facilitator-mun-af at


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